Use & care

CHOLEWIŃSKI products are designed and manufactured to meet your expectations for years to come. To ensure that they last as long as possible, they should be maintained with the use of natural means. Nevertheless, under the influence of years skin changes its appearance and takes on a unique character. Its color is darker, the softer handle is the feature we like the most in it!

We recommend avoiding contact with long lasting strong sun, water or grease.


Take care of your skin as follows:

Soaked skin

Zmoczona skóra

Moisten skin should be dried slowly, at room temperature. Fast drying changes the texture of the skin and can cause it to crack. The product can be placed near the radiator but not directly behind it. Never use a dryer for this purpose. It is important to leave the product in its natural shape, as the skin during drying takes on the shape it was given when it was wet.

Dry skin

Zmoczona skóra

The dried skin is best to rub the paste or cream. Use only natural products intended for the skin, which we are sure they do not dye.

Soiled skin

Zmoczona skóra

The best way to clean your skin is to use a slightly damp, delicate cloth. Do not use soap or other non-destructive cleaning agents.

Stretching the skin

Zmoczona skóra

The skin will stretch, but it will not recover again! If your wallet is regularly overfilled, it will not return to its original shape. The wet or moist bag will stretch out faster. Never transfer leather products.

Product storage

Zmoczona skóra

Skin must not be wrapped in plastic material because it must breathe! The best for storing leather products are cotton bags. Always remember to air the skin to avoid mold.


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